About Us


BONZ is a quality retailer and e-tailer offering the very best of New Zealand leathers, knitwear and possum fur throws and accessories. BONZ products combine beauty, timeless fashion and functionality and are sought after both in New Zealand and internationally.

Established by knitwear and leather goods designer Bonnie Rodwell in 1985, BONZ the passion behind the business is to provide unique, high quality products and outstanding service in the supply of some of the world’s best knitwear and leatherwear. 

BONZ has grown to include stores in Australia and New Zealand and services markets internationally through its e-store. The company’s flagship store is located in Queenstown, New Zealand.

BONZ is highly experienced at organising the safe delivery of its products to destinations all over the globe.


BONZ respects animal rights – its leathers are ‘by-products’ made from animals which have died naturally or for another purpose as opposed to animals grown or hunted for their skin.

Possum (known as Eco-Fur) trims are obtained through pest control. Broadtail skin jackets are made from New Zealand lambs who have not survived the first days of life. All are natural skins.

More about Possum ‘Eco-Fur’

Introduced from Australia, the Brushtail Possum has become the single greatest threat to New Zealand’s native flora and fauna. The 50 million or so Possum’s devour tonnes of vegetation every night. In addition to competing for food, Brushtail Possum’s also eat or destroy the eggs and chicks of endangered native birds. The NZ Department of Conservation spends millions of dollars every year trapping or baiting the possum humanely. All fur used by BONZ has been harvested from the wild, not farmed.

More about Broadtail Lamb

The term ‘Broadtail’ is used to describe the pelt of a young lamb that is born naturally and has become a casualty of nature within its first days. Broadtail pelts are extremely rare and are chosen by the strong wool growth characteristics.

The Broadtail pelt is flatter, softer and silkier than any other Lambs leather, thus providing the wearer total luxury.

All BONZ Broadtail skin jackets are made from NZ lambs, and are all natural skins. Due to the cold climates experienced in NZ we sadly lose a large number of our new born lambs in early spring which allows BONZ to produce natural, exclusive and very unique garments that are ethically produced.

Story of BONZ

The idea for BONZ came in 1986 on a chance visit to an international airport in New Zealand where an American tourist admired a stunning hand-knitted garment worn by Bonnie Rodwell. It became apparent that garments of such exceptional craftsmanship and design were not available for purchase. Yet New Zealand, a country with one of the largest concentration of sheep per capita in the world, has always utilised wool and it has been a cherished material that has allowed many skilled knitters to create wonderful designs to keep the New Zealanders warm and protected in the variable weather. Bonnie wanted to be able to allow access to such a wonderful product for more people, locals and visitors alike, who simply did not have the know-how, the skill or the time to create something like that for themselves.

BONZ was born from the idea of being the Best in New Zealand. The product was to be something that was created here in New Zealand with skill and passion, something that would turn heads and would be cherished by its owner for years to come. Bonnie set to work with a small, selected group of knitters and soon discovered the product was well received.

After several years of wholesaling the BONZ handknits to stores both in New Zealand and Australia, the first BONZ store was opened in Sydney and many others followed. BONZ Flagship store at the Mall in Queenstown remains in its original premises, 20 years after opening!

BONZ has evolved with time and the product ranges have varied. Our handknits are still lovingly crafted by some of New Zealand’s most skilled knitters with high-quality wool and alpaca, and to this day they bring in people from close and a far. The selection is complemented by stunning hand-crafted luxury leather jackets, most exquisite selection of accessories and luxury possum throws.

Visit us in one of our stores in Queenstown, NZ, Marina Mirage, GC, Australia or online to find out more!

Bonnie Rodwell

The strength and longevity of BONZ comes from its Managing Director Bonnie Rodwell. The company was created from passion and Bonnie’s attention to detail has allowed BONZ to grow and flourish. Bonnie is a successful entrepreneur, a Managing Director of the success story which is BONZ and a stunning Retreat and a 5 star Restaurant, Songbirds Rainforest Retreat located at Tambourine Mountain, Gold Coast of Australia. Through hard-work and love of life Bonnie has created success around her. Second best is not good enough and to this day Bonnie can be found mingling with the guests at the Retreat to ensure they are enjoying their stay, giving a helping hand in the Restaurant kitchen or creating new, interesting designs for BONZ. You may even find Bonnie on the sales floor in one of our BONZ stores! A loving mother and a devoted daughter Bonnie Rodwell is an inspirational woman with a busy life where no two days are ever the same. And she enjoys every minute of it!